The Phantasmal Prank-oween

Once upon a midnight dreary, in the town of Scareville, lived a jolly fellow named Spook Randy who adored Halloween. Every year he’d shove himself into his Beetlejuice costume and take great delight in distributing candy to overexcited trick-or-treaters.

The McCobb manor, standing tall at the end of the street, was regarded by many as the abode of the infamous Halloween Phantom. However, last Halloween it remained eerily silent, with no candy or creepy chuckles.

Randy, sensing an adventure, ventured into the manor amidst the pumpkin-lit night. He found poor McCobb bound to a high-backed chair by a supernatural force. Randy’s bewilderment soon turned into resolve. He tightened his Beetlejuice tie and lunged forward to wrestle with the unseen ghoul.

The struggle was fierce, amidst rattling chains and echoing moans. Just when Randy was about to forfeit in despair, he whipped off his visually striking Beetlejuice tie and wrapped it around the ‘phantom’.

Instantaneously, the phantom’s cries ceased. By all counts, Randy had triumphed over the force! But the phantom had been McCobb himself – a brilliant ventriloquist, pranking thrill-seekers for years. Smiling ear-to-ear, Randy said, ‘Happy prank-oween, McCobb!’ and headed for the door, leaving a stunned McCobb contemplating a career change.