The Candy Corn-field Fright

Once upon a pumpkin-filled evening, in the squeaky town of Whispering Hollow, a quirky vampire named Bartholomew found a moment to spare. Despite his notoriety for drinking curdled milk – quite a rarity among his kind – he was dreadfully fond of sweets. His fangs tingled at the mention of Halloween treats, and as All Hallow’s Eve was under the moonlit skies, rumours arose of a candy corn-field, sweeter than dreams.

Armed with a ghoulish grin and a brimmed bag, Bartholomew stepped towards the field, brushing past the rustling corn crops. As he reached the center, he swooped down to gobble the candies glistening like jewels. Only they weren’t candies, but a trick! A swarm of buzzing bees attacked, concealing their hive with a candy-colored illusion!

With a comical squeal, Bartholomew flapped away, chased by the vexed hive. He dashed back to his draughty castle, closed the creaking doors, and sighed in relief… only to find his bag had turned heavy with candies plucked off during his clumsy escape!

And so, even today, during the bewitching Halloween hour, you can hear some say, “Beware the candy corn-field, for the sweetest treats may come with the most buzzing surprises!”