The Phantom Grandson and the Haunting Treasure

Once upon a time, in the quiet town of Serenity Springs, Halloween wasn’t just a holiday… it was a lifestyle. The townsfolk adored the thrills and chills they could elicit and receive from each other.

Among them, was mild-mannered Sean, who had never been much for the Halloween shenanigans. Unlike his fellow townsfolk, he didn’t quite relish the thrill of a faked scare. Yet, this particular Halloween, Sean decided he would embrace the town’s tradition. “How bad could it be?” he reasoned.

He spent the day preparing his house, setting up ghoulish decorations, and baking sinister-looking sweets. As the night tumbled in, so did the merry trick-or-treaters, charmed by Sean’s enthusiasm. Among them was a child, with a familiar yet eerie face. “Great costume, Timmy!” Sean chuckled. Only, Timmy was next door, bobbing apples at Mrs. Mulligan’s. Sean turned white as the phantom boy disappeared into the night, leaving behind only an ancient gold coin.

“Turns out the tales about old man McCreedy’s buried treasure, protected by his phantom grandson, weren’t just stories,” marveled Sean, holding his first Halloween scare—a treasured souvenir of a night he’d never forget.