The Pumpkin Patch Prankster

Once upon a chilling Halloween eve, amidst a town cloaked in shadow, lived a jovial scarecrow named Jack. Dressed in an old suit, with a crooked wooden smile, he stood guard amidst the pumpkin patch. Jack was the town’s attraction, but he had a little secret.

You see, every Halloween, once the moon took the stage and children sought refuge under their quilts, Jack came to life. As the clock struck midnight, his wooden smile broadened, and his eyes gleamed with mischief.

On this particular night, Jack had a splendid prank in mind. He tip-toed to the mayor’s house, which, by day, also served as the town bakery. Armed with a handful of tricks, he filled the bakery with pies made of… mushy spiderweb. He giggled at the thought of the mayor’s face.

Eventually, dawn broke, Jack returned to his post – wooden, still, and silent. Meanwhile, panic ensued in the bakery. Until the mayor, in sheer desperation, tasted the peculiar pie. His eyebrows shot up in surprise. “This is the best pie I’ve ever had!” he exclaimed.

And so, unbeknownst to all, Jack not only became the town’s favourite scarecrow but also its unknowing star baker.