“The Hauntingly Hilarious Halloween Prank”

On a chilly Halloween night, Cindy and her dog Max set out for Trick-or-Treating. Cindy had dressed as a spooky witch and Max, his ever-loyal sidekick, was a furry, toy-sized monster. Hoping for a sack full of treats, they decided to visit the old Victorian home at the end of Elm Street – rumored to be haunted!

As they approached the creaking front gate, Max started to whimper, his curly tail drooping. Emboldened, Cindy pushed the gate open but froze in her tracks. A tall, ghostly figure was floating in the front hall!

Her heart pounded in her chest. Gathering her courage, she mustered in the spookiest falsetto, “T-T-Trick or Treat?”. Silence hung in the night air, before a loud canned laughter tore through it. The ghostly figure began to shrink, chuckling as he revealed himself to be the town’s prankster, old Mr. Jenkins, hiding behind a sheet and working a projector.

“Gotcha!” he bellowed, still laughing and coughing. He handed Cindy a giant chocolate pumpkin for her bravery, winked at Max and lowered the volume on his well-worn laugh track. That Halloween, they got more than just a treat; they got a hauntingly hilarious tale!