The Sneezing Specter of Elmsville

In the tiny town of Elmsville, every year on Halloween night, an eerie pumpkin lantern would randomly appear outside someone’s house. Townspeople believed this marking signalled a visit from the infamous Elmsville Ghost.

Joan, a town newcomer, dismissed this spooky story. Imagine her shock when she woke up to find the pumpkin lantern outside her door on Halloween! Determined to defy the town’s superstition, she attended the evening party without a hint of fear.

As the clock struck midnight, the party abruptly paused. All eyes turned to trembling Joan. Suddenly, the door whacked open and standing there was… nothing? The crowd gasped in horror, and then sneezed in unison. There in the portal, waved a sage smudge stick, with no hand to hold it.

As the smoky figure started to materialize into a ghostly form, Joan burst out laughing, much to everyone’s surprise. She pointed at the specter, brilliantly illuminated by the pumpkin lantern. “Ach-who!” sneezed the ghost, revealing his biggest secret: his spectral allergy to sage!

Henceforth, nobody feared the Elmsville Ghost, and Halloween became the funniest festival in town, with extra sage stuffing in everyone’s holiday pumpkin pie.