The Witch’s Whispers: The Mysterious Tale of Rumor the Talking Tomcat

Once upon a time in the town of Hollow Creek, lived a mischievous tomcat named Rumor. Rumor was known for sneaking into homes, gobbling treats, and causing a ruckus on Halloween nights. One tale spun particularly fast about Rumor, claiming he was a wizard’s familiar capable of talking.

On one Halloween night, everyone was prepared for Rumor’s antics. They left out delectable candies for him to eat, thinking this would keep him from causing chaos. But to their surprise, the next morning the houses were turned inside out. Furniture was upended, curtains were torn, but oddly, not a single candy was touched.

Confused and terrified, everyone agreed to catch Rumor and ask why he had gone berserk. They made a plan to corner him at the old Murphy barn. As they confronted Rumor in the barn, the shifty little tomcat stood tall, cleared his throat and shocked them all with a booming “Happy Halloween, Hollow Creek!”

The surprise never lay in the truth of Rumor’s ability to speak but in the revelation that – Rumor was a vegetarian! All he wanted was some pumpkin pie! And from that Halloween forward they left sweet pies for the mischievous tomcat and enjoyed peaceful nights.