Title: “Abigail Hocus and the Sweet Halloween Trick”

Once upon a time, in the town of Ghoulsville just adjacent to a patchwork quilt of autumn-colored trees, lived an eccentric woman named Abigail Hocus. Abigail was known about town for her rickety black house teetering precariously atop the local graveyard.

Every Halloween, children would dare each other to scamper across the frost-coated lawn and knock on Abigail’s door. The lore went that anyone who succeeded would be gifted with the best candy in all Ghoulsville.

This particular Halloween, a brave duo, Tommy and Lily, knocked on Abigail’s door. With a spine-tingling creak, the door opened to reveal not Abigail, but a great mountain of chocolate, candy, and other sweet delights!

Excited, they filled their bags with treats. Suddenly, Abigail Hocus popped out from behind the heap, her eyes twinkling. Just as Lily was about to run, Abigail said, “Wait! The best candy hasn’t been given.”

She handed them a lollipop that looked ordinary enough. They thanked Abigail and ran off to relish their haul. But, at the first lick of the lollipop, they realised, not all treats were as they seemed. For the ‘best candy’ tasted like Brussels sprouts!

As the entire town laughed uproariously at their expressions, Abigail Hocus winked and whispered, “Always remember, the best treats always come with a Halloween trick!”