“The Legend of Woodbine Mansion: The Misunderstood Frat”

Once upon a ghostly Halloween night, the full moon basked the Woodbine Mansion in a haunting light. This town’s legend had it, that dreadful creature, part frog and part bat—the Frat—came out every Halloween, hunting for children’s candy stash.

Little Tommy, a bold-hearted ten-year-old, thought the legend was comical. One Halloween, eager to debunk the myth, Tommy decided to confront the Frat. Armed with a sack full of candy, he zealously waited on the mansion’s front steps.

As midnight approached, the wind picked up, creating an eerie whistle through the mansion’s cracks. Suddenly, a noise—squish, flap, squish, flap—grew louder. Tommy, heart pounding, held out his bait, the candy bag shaking in his hand.

From the shadows, the monstrosity emerged, with deep yellow eyes and wings that cast a monstrous shadow. Interestingly, it wasn’t as terrifying as the townsfolk described, but rather, well, comical. Taking the bag, the Frat managed to grin, exposing a toothy smile before disappearing with a joyous leap.

Back in the town, Tommy became a hero while the townsfolk chuckled at their blown-up legend. In a surprising twist, the Frat was not the monster of their nightmares, just a sweet-toothed creature ruined by an exaggeration.