Title: “Jack’s Enchanted Halloween Prank”

Once upon a time far, far away, there was a village where Halloween was unknown, a novelty. Every house sat idyllic yet lifeless, void of the typical carved pumpkins and cobwebbed windows of autumn’s most mysterious night.

On a Halloween eve, a curious man, a complete outsider named Jack, arrived in the village with a large, vigorous pumpkin under his arm and a twinkle in his eye. Chuckling to himself, he placed the pumpkin on the doorsteps of the eeriest house, carved a whimsical grin on it, lit it from within and scrabbled away.

The village woke to whispers and, curious, they gathered around the glowing pumpkin. Staring at the spectacle, they all agreed it was an enchanting yet eerie sight. In the hubbub, they didn’t notice the house it lay in front of was… changing.

The once forlorn house turned warm and vibrant, reclaiming its old glory. Flowers bloomed, windows sparkled, and the door swung open revealing a hallway bathed in golden light. The curse of the house was indeed broken by Jack’s magical Halloween pumpkin.

And here’s the punchline – ever heard of Jack o’ lantern? Guess who he actually was? Yep, our tricky Jack, now famously known as the spirit of Halloween.

So the moral of the tale? Don’t underestimate the magic of a spirited Halloween prank!