Title: “The Curse of the Dancing Pumpkin: A Halloween Smash Hit”

Once upon a time in a small, spooky town, a mischievous boy named Jack loved playing pranks on everyone.

One Halloween night, he decided to pull off his best prank yet. He carved a pumpkin with an unearthly terrifying grin and cursed it with a trivial enchantment to walk on his command.

Jack patrolled the streets, shouting, “Beware of the walking pumpkin!” People chuckled and children squealed in excitement, believing it to be just another prank.

Suddenly, the pumpkin shuddered, twitched, and began to move. It danced clumsily down the street, causing even the toughest townsfolk to tremble with surprising fear. Amidst gasps and shock, Jack felt victorious.

But when he tried to stop the pumpkin, it wouldn’t! It kept dancing, careening through the town, causing an uproarious commotion. Jack, panicked, chased it through the chaotic crowd.

Finally, he managed to corner it at the bakery shop, grabbed and smashed it! The once dancing menace was reduced to a pulpy mess. Jack, panting heavily, realized his plan had backfired. His anonymity was stripped, exposed to everyone as the boy with “too big a prank.”

And thus, my friends, came the tradition of smashing pumpkins every Halloween. Unexpected? Yes! It’s always good to remember – pranks are all fun and games until you become the Halloween ‘smash’ hit yourself!