Title: “The Halloween Hoax of Grindle House”

Once upon a Halloween night in a sleepy town named Valecroft, two intrepid friends, Toby and Anna, dared each other to visit the eerie, ancient Grindle House. Its history cried ghosts and goblins, chilling tales that should dare not be spoken at night.

As they approached the dilapidated house, they noticed a dancing orange glow from within. It flickered chaotically, as if laughing at their temerity. With a shuddering breath, Anna pushed open the door, which gave way with an unsettling creak.

The haunting aroma of untouched decay hung heavy in the air, forcibly pulling a grimace onto their faces. Just as they turned to leave, from the brooding shadows, emerged a grotesque figure, its features hidden behind an eerie mask, cackling wildly.

Anna screamed, and Toby fumbled for his flashlight, his heart echoing his terror. But when he turned it on, the grotesque figure was revealed to be… their grinning classmate, Jason, wearing a goofy mask!

“Gotcha!” Jason cheerfully declared, his only Halloween revenge as Toby had pranked him last year. They laughed heartily, their fear replaced with relief and mirth. Thus, the notorious Grindle House remained haunted – or so they thought – and on Halloween, the trick triumphed over the treat.