Title: “The Haunted Reflection”

It was Halloween night and Billy decided to visit the eerie Pennington House, popularly known as the “Ghost House”. The dilapidated mansion had been abandoned for years since Mrs. Pennington mysteriously disappeared.

Billy, in his pumpkin head costume, carefully tread the creaky wooden stairs, each step echoing throughout the empty mansion. He entered the old study, a room full of ancient artifacts and dusty books. His heartbeat raced.

As Billy explored the room, he spotted a large, grand mirror. Unlike the other objects, it was surprisingly unscathed, not a smidgen of dust on its shiny surface. As he looked into the mirror, he froze. There in the mirror, he saw Mrs. Pennington waving at him.

“You look just like my pumpkins,” she said, smiling warmly, pointing at his Halloween costume. Suddenly, Billy felt less afraid. They spent the night talking about her beautiful garden, her cats, and the joy of Halloween.

As Billy left the house, he felt happy, not scared. The house was not haunted by a scary ghost but by a lovely old lady who loved Halloween as much as he did. And the surprise? Billy went back every Halloween, not because the house was haunted, but because it was the most homely house he had ever visited.