The Haunting Victory: Unintentional Witch’s Curse

Young Sarah always loved Halloween, but this year was different. She was determined to win the famed Steeplechase town costume contest. Searching in the attic for inspiration, she stumbled upon an old sepia picture of her great-great-grandmother, wearing a jaunty witch’s hat.

Bingo! Sarah decided to be a classic witch. She stitched green fabric into a dress, applied exaggerated wart makeup, and hobbled an old broomstick. On the day of the contest, cheers and shrieks webbed out in delight as she hobbled in, looking the picture of an old-school witch.

The contest carried on, with fantastical aliens, gory zombies and sparkling unicorns strutting their stuff. But as soon as the Mayor, Mr. Withers, saw Sarah, his eyes bulged in living fear. He abruptly announced Sarah as the winner and rushed off the stage.

The town was puzzled but ecstatic for Sarah. Everyone clapped and danced as Sarah thanked them humbly, rather feeling sorry for Mr. Withers’ odd behavior. At the after-party, the elderly Mrs. Hobbs pulled Sarah aside.

Mrs.Hobbs chuckled, “Oh honey, that picture’s not of your great-great-grandmother. That’s an infamous town witch. Remarkably, you copied her appearance to the detail. No wonder Mr. Withers got so scared. His great-great-grandfather was the one who banished her!.”

And thus, Sarah’s victory was sweeter, her tale haunting, and her witch costume curiously more authentic than she’d ever planned. Spooky, yet playful, right?