Title: “The Pumpkin Liberation: A Halloween Tale of Friendship and Magic”

Every Halloween, the Evans’s house, standing distinct by the hilltop, would transform into a Halloween wonderland. And every Halloween, eight year-old Bobby would dare to knock on their door, trick-or-treat bag in trembling hand. He’d heard the rumors about Mrs. Evans – a witch with a black cat and an even blacker heart.

This year was no different. Bobby marched towards the looming house. Gathering his courage he knocked, and Mrs. Evans with her black, slinky cat opened the door. “Trick or treat?” Bobby managed to stutter.

In lieu of treats, she handed him a small pumpkin. Reluctantly, he accepted and ran off. Back home, staring at the pumpkin, Bobby decided to prove that old women could be witches too. So, he took out his kit and began to carve – a classic spooky face. His masterpiece was complete, but his heart pounded when he put a candle inside.

To his utter disbelief, a friendly ghost sprung out! He was terrified, but the ghost’s amiable smile made him feel at ease. “Thanks, Bobby!” the ghost chuckled, “I was stuck in that pumpkin. Mrs. Evans was just trying to get someone brave enough to free me.”

And from that day on, Bobby learnt that not all witches, nor the tales about them, are scary – some might just be the town’s friendliest ghost liberators.