Title: “The Rabbit’s Haunt: A Halloween Tale of Shadows and Laughter”

“Once upon a midnight dreary, sat a boy whimpering, tired and weary. His house, the old Henderson place, was rumored to be haunted for terms untraceable. Every Halloween, the whispers got louder, the creaks got bolder, and the shadows in his room – taller. This Halloween, he decided to face his fears for once, boldly declaring, “Enough is enough!”

Although petrified, he grabbed his dad’s torch and tiptoed down to the basement. With a creak and a groan, the door opened, revealing murky shadows dancing on the walls. His heart threatened to beat out his chest; he was ready to turn back when he heard a rustle.

Trembling, he brought his torch to focus on the source of the rustle. There, in the corner where the light trembled, was a…rabbit! Yes, a big snowy rabbit with twinkling eyes. It had dug a little hold in the basement wall and was, in fact, the cause of the whispers, creaks and tall tell-tale shadows.

Oh, the boy laughed and laughed! The ‘haunted’ room was a rabbit’s home! From that Halloween on, his house was known as ‘The Rabbit’s Haunt’, and the rumors of hauntings, finally, ceased.”