Title: “Timmy’s Haunted Halloween Adventure: A Trick or Treat Tale”

Once upon a midnight dreary, little Timmy quaked so leery. It was Halloween, and he was tasked with the scary feat of entering the creaky, haunted house at the end of his street. Each candy bag he’d won held promises of fun, but the one in this house, the megabag, promised a fear no child should run. The front door squawked as he pushed it open, heart pounding as it revealed an endless pitch-black abyss.

A chill ran down his spine as the door slammed shut behind him. Shadows danced menacingly around the room as a voice echoed, “Brave or fool, by dawn’s first ray, one of these you’ll be!”

Timmy gulped, pushing away the rising tide of panic. He had a secret that made fear his friend – his winning Timmy candies had a glow, a comforting light. He boldly faced the ghost, offering it a sweet treat. An unexpected chuckle filled the void, “I do love licorice!”.

As the first light of dawn poured in through the cracks, a once haunted house stood silent, and little Timmy merrily skipped home. Legend says his candy charm created the happiest phantom around. Now, hope fills every heart. For, when fear comes knocking, offer it a Trick or Treat!