“The Legendary Candy Ghost of Everlong: A Sweet Haunting”

It was Halloween in the small, quirky town of Everlong. Insanely luminous pumpkins grinned from every window, and children pranced around in bizarre costumes, chattering excitedly.

At the center of the town stood Hawksmoor House, an imposing, centuries-old mansion notorious for its haunted tales. However, no one was too afraid as, year after year, Old Man Hawksmoor would arise, tales of his ghost haunting the house falling flat as he opened the door to hand out candy.

This year was different, though. As the children knocked on Hawksmoore’s oak door, a chilling gale whipped through their costumes. The door creaked ajar, and the familiar figure emerged, pale and trembling. Like always, candies were doled out. “Same old, Hawksmoor,” chimed the relieved kids.

However, as the last child retreated, the town clock clanged midnight. Suddenly, a ghostly apparition of Old Man Hawksmoor materialized by the house. The figure hovering above the ground wailed, “No more candies, I am free!”

Early next morning, the town folks found an untidy pile of candy wrappers by the mansion with an obituary newspaper clipping about Old Man Hawksmoor’s death precisely a year ago. The Legendary Candy Ghost of Everlong was born!