Twisted Tails at Crimson Crane Manor

Once upon a midnight dreary in the bustling town of Meadowville, residents were preparing for their favorite holiday, Halloween. The once tranquil homes were now festooned with autumn hues, cobwebs, and grinning jack-o-lanterns.

Right on Main Street, however, stood the ancient, Crimson-Crane Manor. A vacant mansion long forgotten, save for the folklore that shrouded it. The tale goes that every Halloween the ghost of Old Lady Crane returns, seeking her lost love.

The eccentric Babble twins, Alfie and Zoe, decided to host their Halloween bash there, hoping for a visit from the spectral Crane. They invited the whole town, sparking a mix of curiosity and dread among the residents.

The night arrived, filling the mansion with laughter, fright, and a few questionable Halloween costumes. Suddenly, an icy wind swept through the room, silencing the crowd. As the clock struck midnight, a spectral figure of Old Lady Crane materialized, eliciting gasps from the spectators.

Yet, she merely smiled at the astonished crowd, pointing to the dusty portrait of her lost love on the wall. As the room collectively looked over, they saw the portrait was of… a lively parrot! The crowd erupted into laughter. The real scare that Halloween night? Learning that the ghost they had feared was a madly devoted parrot lover. With that, the party continued and the legend of Crimson Crane Manor lived on, albeit with a twist that kept Meadowville laughing for years.