Whispers of Frightville

Once upon a dreary Halloween night, in the heart of the sleepy town of Frightville, children donned their spookiest costumes and indulged in their sweet-toothed traditions. However, one house stood eerily empty. That house just happened to be old Mrs. O’Leary’s mansion, adorned with decades’ worth of cobwebs and mystery galore.

You see, everyone knew to steer clear of that creepy old mansion; legend was that Mrs. O’Leary’s late husband had never left. They say the good old soul, out of love or perhaps just old habits, still lived there, telling bedtime ghost stories to his now single wife.

However, one brave little trick-or-treater, Timmy dared to venture into the cobweb clad mansion. His eyes wide, heart pounding, he knocked. To his surprise, the door creaked open and there stood Mrs. O’Leary, frail but welcoming, treat in hand. Frisking away, Timmy heard soft storytelling whispers from inside the house and a gentle laughter.

Next morning, while devouring his Halloween loot, he found a note stuck to the wrapper of a Milky Way. It read, “Thanks for keeping the tradition alive, Timmy – Mr. O’Leary”. Turns out the best treat of all was his very own ghostly tale!