The Haunting Surprise

On a bright Halloween afternoon, a young boy named Teddy prepared for his most courageous trick-or-treating venture yet. With his oversized bat costume, complete with lopsided ears and trailing wings, Teddy was ready to conquer the most haunted house in the neighborhood – the Orton House.

The Orton House, known for its creaky windows and ominous shadows, had a reputation for sending trick-or-treaters scurrying to the next house. However, Teddy embarked on a mission to obtain candies from the Orton House. But as he neared the house, Teddy felt a chill run down his spine.

Putting on a brave face, Teddy walked up the cracked pavement leading to the house. He rang the doorbell. CREEEAK. An odd voice greeted him, “Trick-or-Treat if you dare!”

Teddy stuttered his candy wish. The door creaked open wider, revealing‚Ķ a cheerful elderly lady! Mrs. Orton, with a chuckle, filled Teddy’s bag with more candies than any other house, ruffling his bat ears for good measure.

Teddy learned a valuable lesson that Halloween night; the real spirit of Halloween lies not in haunting, but in the joy of laughter, surprise, and shared pleasure for the fun and absurd. The bat ear-flapping tale of the ‘haunted’ Orton House was more treat than trick!