Haunted by the Midnight Key

On a cold Halloween night, a little girl named Betty was picking out her pumpkin from a run-down and crumbling field. Suddenly, she slipped and fell into a deep hole! There, she found an antique, gold key. Remembering an old rusty chest her grandpa kept in the basement, she returned home with her exciting find.

Curiosity sparked in her bright eyes as she inserted the key into the lock. To her surprise, lo and behold, it opened! The old chest creaked open, revealing a small, almost laughable ghost costume with a note saying, “For the second ghost of Halloween, the world is your stage.”

Shrugging, Betty put the costume on, expecting nothing more than a giggle. But, to her shock, she turned into a real, glowing, and quite delightful ghost! Floating through walls and scaring her sleepy cat, Betty was having the time of her life, until the clock struck midnight.

For the stroke of twelve on Halloween night meant that all ghosts must return to the realm of the unseen. Suddenly, Betty felt a tug pulling her back. Would she become a permanent resident of the ghost world?

In a twinkling, her costume was back in the chest, and Betty woke up wide-eyed in her bed, with the morning sunlight creeping in. “What an exciting Halloween dream!” she exclaimed, relieved that she was still human until she saw the gold key glinting on her bedside table…