Title: “The Mischievous Clown of Daisy Lane”

Once upon a crisp October evening, in the friendly neighborhood of Daisy Lane, something was stirring that would disrupt the peaceful aura. Unbeknownst to the Lane’s residents, their homes were built upon an old amusement park; legend had it that the ghost of a mischievous clown haunted the grounds.

Jill, a vivacious seven-year-old, got a sparkling fairy costume for Halloween. Excited, she decided to try on her costume and twirl in her room, when suddenly she spotted a colorful figure in her mirror. A harmless costume, she thought, until the red-nosed clown winked at her!

Panicked, she ran to alert her parents. However, to her dismay, no clown was present when they checked. Her parents concluded this tale as a product of her wild imagination, fueled by the eerie spirit of Halloween.

Unfazed by their disbelief, spunky Jill decided to confront the spectral jester. She waited until midnight when everyone was asleep. Slowly, in the silence of the night, the familiar colorful apparition appeared. But instead of fear, Jill just clapped her wand onto her hand, turned to the clown and said with a cheeky grin, “Tag, you’re it!”

To everyone’s surprise, the next morning, every house in Daisy Lane woke up to frosted cupcakes on their doorstep and a message — “Can’t resist a good game, see you next Halloween!”