The Haunting Recipe: A Pumpkin Pie Mystery

The Haunting Recipe: A Pumpkin Pie Mystery - A Halloween Short Story by
The Haunting Recipe: A Pumpkin Pie Mystery – A Halloween Short Story by

Once upon a spooky Halloween night, there was a house at the end of Maple Street. The house, old and abandoned, whispered tales of haunted happenings, making even the bravest kids shiver. The local legend said that every Halloween night, the ghost of Old Lady Crawford, a woman known for her infamous pumpkin pies, roamed in search of her missing recipe.

On this moonlit night, two curious kids, Tim and Rose, decided to test the legend. Armed with flashlights, they stepped inside the rickety, groaning building. In a dusty kitchen, they found an ancient cookbook. Tim, turning the time-worn pages, spotted the lost pumpkin pie recipe!

Feeling brave, they tried reciting the recipe, the words echoing spookily around the empty room. As they finished, a pumpkin pie, fresh and warm, manifested on the kitchen table! Shocked, they tasted the pie. It was the most delicious pie they’d ever eaten.

As they left the house, still in a daze, they looked back. For a brief moment, they saw a figure in the window. A sweet, grandmotherly figure, happily waving them goodbye. From that day, kids no longer feared the house on Maple Street and every Halloween, Old Lady Crawford’s ghostly pumpkin pies became a delectable tradition.