Title: “Granny Bobblestock’s Haunted Gnome Dance”

Once upon a chilling Halloween night, in the quaint hamlet of Pumpkin Hallow was Granny Bobblestock’s quaint pink house. A house rumored to have dancing garden gnomes by midnight!

That night, Jack, a curious lad, decided to solve this frolicking mystery once and for all. Clad in his Halloween pirate costume, he tiptoed into Granny’s well-lit yard, trying not to cast long, eerie shadows.

Midnight struck as Granny’s gnomes sprang to life! Dwarf hats twirling, little boots tapping, they executed a perfect fandango. Mouth agape, Jack could hardly believe his eyes.

Feeling brave, he joined the gnome dance, stretching his pirate hat as a make-do dwarf hat. The gnomes didn’t mind, each giving Jack an approving nod. The old lady’s yard was awash with laughter and gaiety, until…

Suddenly, Granny Bobblestock appeared in the doorway, her face thunderous. She lifted her cane, and in a moment mirroring Cinderella’s stroke of midnight, the gnomes froze. But worse, so did Jack!

Petrified, he stood there till morning, forever to be Granny’s newest gnome addition. From that Halloween night forward, Pumpkin Hallow had one more gnome dancing under the moonlight. And they say young Jack has the best fandango in town!